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Northern PC gets new Mace



With a new Mace, which is the symbol representi­ng authority, sittings of the Northern Provincial Council began yesterday.

The forty five-inch-long Mace was created by Sculptor K. Sabaratnam of Chulipuram from Khomba tree log combined with timber of Palmyrah, Bo Tree, Mahogany and Saffron, underlinin­g the natural wealth of the North.

The base of the Mace is 2.1 inches in diameter tastefully decorated with copper artwork and adorned with carvings of snakes to indicate the Naga origin of the people and rings atop with the five metals (Panchaloka) of Gold, Silver, Iron, Copper and Bronze.

Three rings above indicate the three languages spoken in the Province and above them the main crop of paddy is carved out, atop of which three petals sculpted represent the four major religions. Above the 2.5 inch square the five districts are denoted with the centre carved with the replica of Sun, made out of copper and gold plated.

The topmost part is made out in a cone shape with the carving of the Palmyrah Leaf and Valampuri Conch.

As the Mace represents the Authority of the Provincial Council and of the Chairman of the Council, sittings cannot be held without it. Traditiona­lly, when the chairman enters the chamber the sergeant-atarms shall precede him bearing the mace.

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