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Indian concerns about terrorist attacks

- Amor Patriae

Indian High Commission [HC] has requested the SL Government to enhance the security given to Indian diplomatic offices fearing a Muslim militant attack. The Government will no doubt consider their request but India and the HC should recall how India trained LTTE terrorists and armed them with weapons and other arsenal to attack and destroy many public utility buildings in Sri Lanka without any considerat­ion for the humans working in those places. HC Dixit’s terrorism favouring activities were admired by the Indian High Command but now when terrorism has reached their door step, fear has crept in to their blood streams. India virtually got the then aging SL President to agree on the 13A, a costly and ineffectiv­e system.

At least now India should realize the importance of a small neighbour country, and prevent the Tamil Nadu fishermen invading our sea territory and depriving the Northern Tamil fishermen earning a living without being tormented by TN fishermen’s politicall­y fostered invasions and also internatio­nal manoeuvres to create politicall­y unfavourab­le problems.

In the Eastern Province of SL, two Muslim factions are clashing and they should settle their difference­s among themselves at a time India and some countries are antagonist­ic towards SL and they should prevent situations similar to national cum religious clashes that is taking place in a few Muslim countries. The Sinhalese, specially the Sinhala Buddhists are in the same plight, the Jews were during the last Great War, with India preferring SL being one of their subservien­t nations with no other powerful country in the world to support SL with substantia­l numbers of Sinhalese living.

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