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Ban on non-CFC free items from 2020



In a bid to protect the Ozone layer and the environmen­t, Sri Lanka will by 2020 ban the import of all machinery and equipment tainted with the Ozone-depleting Chlorofluo­rocarbon (CFC), a minister said yesterday.

At a discussion held at the Environmen­t and Renewable Energy Ministry Minister Susil Premajayan­tha instructed officials to take measures to ban the import of all machinery and equipment including household items such as air conditione­rs and refrigerat­ors which are not CFC-free.

Ministry spokesman Thusitha Halloluwa said the banning of non-CFC free equipment, pesticides and cosmetics would be carried out in several stages so that a 100 per cent ban would be in place by 2020.

He said the total ban on such imports was being implemente­d under conditions agreed by 197 countries including Sri Lanka when ratifying the 1987 Montreal Protocol.

Mr. Halloluwa said that with effect from January 1 last year, Sri Lanka had banned the import and production of machinery and equipment that contain 54 out of the 96 chemicals including the highly harmful CFC, which are identified as Ozone Depleting.

He said the United Nations had decided to hold the Network Meeting of South Asian officials of the Montreal Protocol in Colombo in recognitio­n of Sri Lanka’s positive response to the Montreal Protocol.

The Montreal Protocol was designed to reduce the production and consumptio­n of ozone-depleting substances.

 ??  ?? Susil Premajayan­tha
Susil Premajayan­tha

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