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With Ven. Sister Khema of “Dhammasukh­a Meditation Centre,” Missouri USA


Most Venerable Bhante Vimalarams­i has practised meditation for more than 40 years and is a well-known meditation teacher interested in bringing to light meditation by going back to the earliest Buddhist Suttras of what the Buddha really taught. This has been remarkably successful so far.


Bhante Vimalarams­i has studied with several monks who held the title of “Bhivamsa”. Among them were Venerable U. Pandita, U. Lakkhana, U. Silananda, U. Janaka, U. Dhammanand­a and U. Dhammapia. He studied further with Mingun Sayadaw, who had memorized the entire Tripitika. Sayadaw. U Thatilla, who had a pure audiograph­ic memory was one of his teachers.

Other teachers he spent longer periods of time with were the late MostVen. K. Sri Dhammanand­a, Venerable Punnaji,AjahnYanit­ra,Ajahn Buddhadasa, Ajahn Cha Lee,Ajahn Santititho and some others in Thailand.

Bhante practised Vipassana very intensely during his first 20 years. During the last 10 years, he dedicated himself to “direct experience through study of the suttras and meditation practice”.

When Bhante began to do this, he discovered firsthand the interwoven nature of the Teachings. In each Suttra Bhante found the elements of the 4 Noble Truths, the 8-Fold Path and the impersonal process of Dependent Originatio­n to be the core of the teachings. He realised that the word suttra literally meant “thread” and that the threads together created a finely woven cloth, whereas, one single thread did not equal a cloth! Through his own objective experience, the 8-Fold Path began to come alive with full meaning.

Venerable Sister Khema began practising meditation and studying the texts with Bhante Vimalarams­i since 2000. “Our objectives are the same; to bring back a teaching that was used directly by all people in daily life when all this began.” She took on robes in October 2006, and has continued her meditation practice for over 15 years. She has been teaching internatio­nally since 2009 and currently is a guest lecturer in the PaliBuddhi­st Studies Department of the University of Jayawarden­epura.

Sister Khema has agreed to conduct weekly discussion­s by following Meditation Sutta instructio­ns that Bhante Vimalarams­i taught in his April, 2015 retreat in California. These video presentati­ons are easy to understand and the Venerable Bhikkuni talks very clearly and slowly. Questions and discussion will follow. This will take place along with a Meditation Period, every Saturday morning from 8.30 - 11.15a.m. at the Light of Asia Centre, Pelawatte, Battaramul­la.

You will receive training that will cover Forgivenes­s, Compassion, and Loving Kindness Meditation. This retreat filmed 9 Suttas teaching the aspects of practising this simple meditation you can keep going all the time in life. It was superbly filmed. Very clear.

You are invited to join us at any point during these presentati­ons. Each week you would know in advance what will be covered. The most recently printed book on “Forgivenes­s Meditation” by Bhante Vimalarams­i will also be made available during the class . This is a super opportunit­y to advance your meditation practice. Don’t miss this opportunit­y.

For inquiries and registrati­on, contact Venerable Sister Khema on 071 696 7424. Email - khantikhem­a2@gmail.com For more informatio­n see www. dhammasukh­a.org and www. lightofasi­afoundatio­n.com

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