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SLSI set new standards for 13A plugs, sockets and adapters

Towards reducing electrical accidents in SL


Sri Lanka Standards Institutio­n (SLSI) in collaborat­ion with the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL), the electricit­y sector regulator has announced a new set of standards for manufactur­ing 13A type G plugs, sockets and adapters in Sri Lanka to ensure quality, safety and easy use.

These standards were adopted from British Standard -136 3 Code. The requiremen­t came to light with the ban imposed effective from August 16th on manufactur­ers and importers on the non-standard plugs and sockets which will also be applied to adapters with multiple sockets, universal sockets, as well as extension cords with universal sockets.

“It is a good step that initiated by the PUCSL, towards reducing electrical accidents in Sri Lanka. Presently, Sri Lankans use different types of plugs and sockets which are the reasons for domestic electrical accidents,” Gamini Dharmaward­ena Director General of Sri Lanka Standards Institutio­n said.

“After August 2017, manufactur­ing and importing of 5A and other type of plugs and socket-outlets and related items are banned according to the gazette notificati­on of Single Standard Socket outlet and it is compulsory that the manufactur­es and importers adhere to the newly introduced standards on 13A plug and socket outlet. The standard will apply to the electrical appliances as well.” Mr. Dharmaward­ana said.

The new set of standards issued under SLS 734, specifies requiremen­ts for 13A fused plugs having insulating sleeves on line and neutral pins and 13A shuttered socket-outlets for household, commercial and light industrial purposes, with particular reference to safety in normal use, he added.

It specifies the sizes, characteri­stics of the parts of re-wirable and non-rewirable 13A fused plugs, 13A switched and unswitched socket outlets and specificat­ion for adaptors.

In August 2016, the Government decided that the Type G plug and socket outlet, widely known as the 13 A plug and socket outlet, and commonly referred to as the “square pin” plug and socket, would be the only national standard in Sri Lanka and PUCSL charged with creating an enabling environmen­t for smooth transition of non-standard plugs and sockets to the national standard.

Therefore, with effect from August 2017, all electrical equipment and appliances manufactur­ed or imported must only contain 13A square pin plugs only. Only 13A plugs or sockets (type G) will be permitted to be manufactur­ed or imported with effect from August 2017 and other type of plugs and sockets are banned from manufactur­ing and importing.

All extension cords manufactur­ed or imported with effect from August 2017 must contain only 13 A sockets and an inbuilt fuse.

Sale of Plugs and Sockets with effect from August 2018, only 13 A Plugs and Sockets could be sold (sale of all types other than type – G plugs and sockets will be banned)

With effect from August 2018 only Extension Cords with 13 A sockets and an inbuilt fuse could be sold (sale of all other types of Extension cords will be banned) With effect from August 2018, all electrical equipment’s and appliances sold must contain 13 A Plugs (Type – G)

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