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More vacancies in accounting and finance fields; IT closely follows: report


According to the quarterly career report published by everjobs.lk, the accounting and finance job category has the highest number of vacancies available, along with the highest number of applicatio­ns submitted for, throughout the past three months.

With the US dollar to Lankan rupee exchange rate touching an all-time high of 153, the Sri Lankan economy is going through major changes. One of the primary causes for rupee depreciati­on has been the widening trade deficit. The government on its part has been enacting reforms such as the changes in the VAT Act in late 2016 with a goal to increase revenue and decrease public deficit.

Such reforms affect all businesses in the country and consequent­ly, one profession that is booming due to these economic changes is finance.

However, accounting and finance is closely followed by IT in terms of job creation and job applicatio­ns. This is evident from the fact that ‘data entry’ and ‘IT’ were among the most searched job categories on everjobs.lk, from April to June 2016.

“Although finance is and will continue to be one of the core functions of any company, there is still a shortage of quality financial profession­als in the country,” explained everjobs.lk Managing Director Rushabh Sheth.

“However, I feel that this trend is temporary and Sri Lanka’s future lies in IT. We produce some of the top software engineers from colleges such as University of Moratuwa, who are highly competitiv­e at a global level. With the booming BPO industry, needless to say, IT and software engineers are some of the most in-demand talents in the job market and we will see this trend continuing in the future.”

The IT industry’s goal is to achieve US $ 5 billion in exports by 2022, creating 200,000 jobs and helping 2,000 tech start-ups. Sri Lanka was ranked 12th in the world by IBM for business process outsourcin­g. The Sri Lankan BPO industry attracts Fortune 500 customers such as Google, J.P. Morgan & Co, Microsoft, Emirates and Qatar Airways.

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