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Engineer Ranjith Gunatillek­e’s ‘Project Manager’s Hand Book’ now in store

- By Zahara Zuhair

Project Manager’s Hand Book, penned by Engineer Ranjith Gunatillek­e entered book stores recently.

The book expects to guide a project manager to achieving the goal in all constructi­on projects in particular to the responsibi­lities entrusted by the management. It will be covering most of the essential required data, knowledge, and practices when it comes to project management.

“The book speaks on how to perform a job, and how well you can handle a project. This will help on how to perform your job and achieve your goal. So I don’t call this a book, I call it a handbook,” the author said.

Sharing insights on what led him to write the book, he said, “I heard in the recent past there weren’t any books written by engineers, and only so many papers published by them.”

He noted that there are allegation­s in the constructi­on industry about money not being spent effectivel­y and not meeting public requiremen­ts properly as well as the projects not being completed with the same budget.

This book will guide to produce a quality product, in order to meet the aspiration­s of the consultant­s, clients, developers, and investors.

He said that this will help not only the project managers, also the consultant­s and the engineers to understand the process in building constructi­on.

As the project manager’s role is to manage the top level in executing the work of the project up to the bottom level of managing skilled/unskilled workers, this document will provide the engineer easy access to practice as a project manager.

“Undoubtedl­y this will help even the budding engineers with few years of experience to produce a quality product, as to how to manage projects with time and best cost of expenses,” he said.

During his speech, he also acknowledg­ed people who had helped him through out his journey.

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Ranjith Gunatillek­e

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