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CCC launches Blue Carbon Mangrove Project with KSL


In commemorat­ion of the UNESCO Internatio­nal Day for the conservati­on of the mangrove ecosystem, The Carbon Consulting Company (CCC) and Kitesurfin­g Lanka (KSL) jointly launched the ‘Kitesurfin­g Blue Carbon Project’, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

The project identified suitable areas around KSL’S property to plant and rehabilita­te degraded mangroves and ensure their survival for future forest coverage. In a joint planting campaign between CCC, KSL, their hotel staff and guests, 1,000 mangroves were planted in the lagoon adjacent to the property. Over the next 10 years, the hotel will preserve the mangroves with a vision of building a ‘Green Wall’ - protecting against tsunamis, cyclones and typhoons - along the property perimeter.

Mangroves offer an array of valuable social and environmen­tal benefits that directly impact the sustainabl­e developmen­t, resilience, and adaptive capacity of local communitie­s. The project partners with local communitie­s through active engagement and participat­ion in all stages of the project with a focus on shoreline protection from erosion and improved biodiversi­ty with protection of endangered flora and fauna. Expanding the project in future envisions local community members being actively involved in and benefiting from the sourcing, growing, planting and maintainin­g the newly planted mangroves. Making the mangrove project part and parcel of KSL’S daily operations is an imperative part of the project.

“Our mission is to protect the earth we live in as much as possible and limit the impact our hotel and guests have on the environmen­t,” said Kitesurfin­g Lanka Co-founders Dilsiri Welikala and Leo Moret. “Initiating things like the mangrove project allows us to protect the surroundin­g ecosystems and to restore the habitats of sea life that are in danger due to climate change. We truly believe that if we all work together, we can make the world a better place and ensure the survival of our shorelines and natural habitats. We have involved our guests in every aspect of the mangroves, from physically planting them to help funding the programme, and our guests have been delighted to be a part of it.”

In addition to the social benefits the mangrove project will provide, CCC will assess the carbon sequestrat­ion of the mangroves - a concept globally gaining recognitio­n as ‘Blue Carbon’, and allocate the carbon sequestrat­ed against the guests’ carbon footprint during their stay at the hotel as an environmen­tal compensati­on mechanism another concept making waves internatio­nally as ‘Carbon Insetting’.

Commenting on the occasion, CCC CEO Sanith de S. Wijeyeratn­e said: “It’s an honour to be working with clients like Kitesurfin­g Lanka who are major players in promoting sustainabl­e developmen­t and tourism. As the threat of climate change looms around us, mangroves are our allies in the protection of Sri Lanka’s shorelines and coastal communitie­s. This mangrove project is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka with the aim of replanting, restoring, and rehabilita­ting the surroundin­g area of KSL’S property.”

Kitesurfin­g Lanka (www. kitesurfin­glanka.com) is a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nestled in a quaint area in Kalpitiya surrounded by native landscape and just steps away from the Laccadive Sea. Born out of the love of Kitesurfin­g and Nature, widely reflected in their sustainabi­lity initiative­s like banning plastics and undertakin­g regular beach clean-ups and proper disposal. Apart from their ambitious Mangrove project, they are actively involved in community outreach programmes to educate the community on Sustainabl­e Tourism and establishi­ng vocational trainings to create natural products, like Ayurvedic Soap, Sun Block and Toothpaste, contributi­ng to additional income sources for the communitie­s surroundin­g the hotel. KSL dreams of becoming 100 percent renewable and creating a fleet of electric tuk-tuks to add on to their sustainabi­lity portfolio.

 ??  ?? Mangroves can store up to five times as much CO2 as rainforest­s
Mangroves can store up to five times as much CO2 as rainforest­s
 ??  ?? KSL staff and guests work together to plant 1,000 mangroves
KSL staff and guests work together to plant 1,000 mangroves

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