Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka) - - FEATURES - BY: HIRANYA M.FER­NANDO

Now my dreams are of ex­plo­sions

In the still­ness of the nights slum­ber Loud deaf­en­ing sounds ring through my ears Where they are com­ing from is un­known The only thing known is the news morn may bring of death and de­struc­tion

The sud­den midnight call for evac­u­a­tion The off-chance text that may bring sor­row Of the death of some­one known.…

The seis­mic pressure that ev­ery time I step out The fear of hear­ing that un­earthly ex­plo­sion. and then

I dream of greener pas­tures

Where the words bomb or death

Need not be ut­tered

Ev­ery so many hours

Where there are no me­dia con­coc­tions No con­fused opin­ions

No mis guided threats or fear

I dream of bet­ter days

Hap­pier mem­o­ries

Of vis­its to my favourite hotel …. but it only re­minds me of that ter­ri­ble day That tor­ment my al­ready sleep­less nights The fear of now stand­ing in queues Or crowded shopping malls

The sad­ness of not be­ing able to Par­take in the solemn trib­ute

For my fallen col­leagues

Of not be­ing able to light a can­dle for these friends

That I still con­sider as my family

I dream of death

A re­morse­less en­tity

A ro­botic force

It cares not which vic­tim it clutches

Nor when……… Nor how… Nor time of day It does not hear the silent cry of the vic­tims’ fam­i­lies

It does not see their panic stricken looks It has no feel­ing…. It thinks no thought. It isn’t alive….yet very much alive

And its sole pur­pose

De­cide when to strike

Then strike

And then it loses its power

Like ashes dis­ap­pear­ing in to the earth .

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