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Have you ever had a makeup day where you just don't look “right?” I'm not great at ap­ply­ing make up which is prob­a­bly why I don't wear much of it ( ex­clud­ing lip­sticks. I love lip­stick, my cur­rent fave a fab­u­lous nude shade from Spa Cey­lon, but that for another ar­ti­cle!). There is one prod­uct that I think that can pull your en­tire makeup look to­gether, blush.

For years, blush has taken a back seat while the beauty world ob­sessed over straight brows, matte lips, blind­ing high­lights and glit­tery shad­ows. Now, ladies are fi­nally giv­ing some love to the cheeks as blush is slowly but surely be­com­ing a hot trend. The age-old ques­tions: where do I ap­ply blush? How do I ap­ply it? How do I avoid look­ing like a clown? All valid ques­tions. Blush, like high­lighter, draws the eye to­wards it, so you want to be care­ful where you dust it on. Iden­ti­fy­ing and know­ing your face shape helps with this.

Be­fore we get to that, you might be ask­ing: “but what is blush ac­tu­ally used for?!” Don't fret, friend. Blush is com­monly used to give the skin a glow­ing, more youth­ful ap­pear­ance that also high­lights the cheeks. Ever had the “My you're look­ing drawn, are you ill” com­ment from a friend or rel­a­tive? Blush will ward off peo­ple who are “wor­ried” about your health.

Round Face

On a round face, dust it along your cheek­bones to your ear. This will make your face look slim­mer. Hot tip: if you want your face to ap­pear longer, place some blush on your chin (just a dab) and blend out!

Heart Face

For a heart-shaped face, ap­ply it just be­low the ap­ples of your cheeks and blend it out to your hair­line. Heart-shaped faces can ap­pear slightly pointy, so blend­ing from the ap­ples to the hair­line soft­ens the face over­all. You can also add blush to the cen­tre of your fore­head and over your tem­plates to balance ev­ery­thing out.

Ob­long Face

An ob­long face is ba­si­cally the same as the heart-shaped face. Ap­ply rouge just be­low the cheek­bones to the outer cor­ner of your eyes. Make sure that you do not blend it out to your hair­line and that the blush doesn't ex­tend past the tip of the nose.

Spa Cey­lon’s Royal Artistry range has a stun­ning range of blushes, to suit all skin tones, which is great as it can some times be quite hard to find the per­fect shade for our beau­ti­ful Sri Lankan skin tones. Blush-ing im­me­di­ately bright­ens the com­plex­ion and cre­ates a very healthy, fresh and youth­ful look. Ex­tra points if you match your lip with your blush for a monochro­matic look. Fin­ish off the look by keep­ing the eye­lids bare and add some mas­cara for def­i­ni­tion. The trick is to let the blush be the cen­tre of the show, thus mak­ing this sim­ple makeup look per­fect for ev­ery­day.

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