It is a great feel­ing of light­ness we ex­pe­ri­ence once we get rid of things

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How­ever much one be­gins clear­ing up the cup­boards or draw­ers or wher­ever items have ei­ther been thrown in or stored for later use, it is amaz­ing to see what has been set aside. When go­ing through such items with the in­ten­tion of throw­ing away the un­wanted stuff they bring back mem­o­ries of what we have been do­ing in our past: good and bad times, em­ploy­ment de­tails and re­lated stuff etc.

I wake up some mornings yearn­ing to de­clut­ter some area in my home and, be­lieve me, when I have got down to it, I have got rid of so much stuff that I am sur­prised that there is more to dis­card. Sur­pris­ingly, when­ever I do give into my yearn­ing to de­clut­ter, I seem to find at least a bin full of stuff to throw away each time.

We col­lect things since they have an emo­tional con­nec­tion to us, es­pe­cially fond mem­o­ries of past ro­mances, travel, work­places, old friends etc. For­tu­nately, due to cur­rent tech­nol­ogy we do not have to col­lect pho­tographs and hang on to the neg­a­tives any­more. To those born in the dig­i­tal era ref­er­ence to a neg­a­tive sound like Greek to them.

It took me one whole day to get rid of all the neg­a­tives and pho­tographs

I had. Look­ing through them brought back some great mem­o­ries as well as some night­mares over some of the things we had done and the peo­ple I used to be great friends with. De­clut­ter­ing al­ways gives me the feel­ing of hav­ing got rid of a heavy bur­den off my shoul­der. It just shows that

we all try to cling on to cer­tain mem­o­ries when the re­al­ity is that part of your life is over. The only joy is when grow­ing older and we have for­got­ten some things of our past and com­ing across a pho­to­graph that jogs our me­mory. It can gives us a jolt and bring a smile to our faces. We all cling to straws that are of no use. The past is the past and all we have are our mem­o­ries. To me, items in my clothes cup­board are the most dif­fi­cult to get rid of. Most of us live in the hope that one day we may be able to get into that out­fit we loved and wore for a short while in then times. Get real and get rid of them is what I try to prac­tise now. When the time comes a de­sired item could be pur­chased in­stead of hang­ing on to them in your closet like many other things you find there.

It is a great feel­ing of light­ness we ex­pe­ri­ence once we get rid of things. If you wish to lead a Zen life de­clut­ter­ing and min­imis­ing is the best so­lu­tion I can think of.

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