waste wa­ter re­moval


The waste wa­ter canal sys­tem and the storm wa­ter drains connected to it in the Nara­hen­pita area have been in a di­lap­i­dated state caus­ing in­con­ve­nience to a large pop­u­la­tion. Res­i­dents of the area said that Nara­hen­pita town was a part of the Colombo Mu­nic­i­pal­ity and that it was a mat­ter of serious con­cern that the waste wa­ter drainage sys­tem had been ne­glected in this man­ner.

They pointed out that the waste wa­ter canal in the Park Road area, with sev­eral hous­ing schemes, multi sto­ried build­ings, schools and play­grounds had been cov­ered with rank vegetation due to ne­glect and mis­use. Mean­while hap­haz­ard dump­ing of garbage in the canal is go­ing on unchecked.

A tr­ishaw driver of the area Priyan­tha Pushpakuma­ra (32) said the ne­glected waste wa­ter canal cov­ered with rank vegetation had turned into a dump­ing ground.

“Bags of garbage are thrown into the canal by in­di­vid­u­als liv­ing in nearby houses with­out least con­cern about its en­vi­ron­men­tal dam­age and health haz­ards. This could be pre­vented if the rank vegetation was cleared and the canal cleaned. When it is ne­glected in this man­ner, the peo­ple are in­clined to mis­use it. Labour­ers em­ployed by the Mu­nic­i­pal Coun­cil are not able to creep through the shrubs to col­lect garbage for fear of be­ing stung by ven­omous snakes. The canal has not been cleaned for a long time and has turned into an eye­sore in the area and a mos­quito breed­ing ground,” he said.

Res­i­dents of the area re­quested the Colombo Mu­nic­i­pal Coun­cil to clean the canal to al­low the free flow of wa­ter and to pre­vent its mis­use.

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