Line of Mer­cury or Health

What the pe­cu­liar­i­ties of main lines say

Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka) - - JYOTISHA - By A.S. Fer­nando

The nor­mal Line of Mer­cury orig­i­nates from the Rascette and pro­ceeds to­wards the Mount of Mer­cury.

This line is known by sev­eral other names as well. It is called the Line of Liver, Line of Health and the Line of Hepat­ica. How­ever, it is mostly called the Line of Health.

Health is the great­est wealth that one can pos­sess. Be­cause one may pos­sess fame, hon­our, wealth and other com­forts in life, but if one is not in good health one’s fame and pros­per­ity would mean noth­ing.

The pres­ence of a re­ally clear and deep-cut line of health is rarely seen in a hand, es­pe­cially when the sub­ject is past his youth.

This line is ab­sent in most hands. This means that the sub­ject is full of verve and nerve and is free from any liver trou­ble and he finds the life is in­deed worth liv­ing.

The Line of Mer­cury may orig­i­nate from any point in the hand but to de­serve the name, it should ter­mi­nate on the Mount of Mer­cury.


The Mount of Venus Near the Life line Mount of Moon or Luna Bracelets

Fate line and Mount of Mars

If the Line of health starts from above the Rascette and pro­ceeds up to the Mount of Mer­cury with­out touch­ing the line of Life, the sub­ject would en­joy longevity, good health (es­pe­cially of the diges­tive or­gans) and suc­cess in busi­ness.

If the line takes its course along­side the per­cus­sion, it would be taken for the line of In­tu­ition. How­ever, the real line of In­tu­ition rises from the Mount of Moon to reach the Up­per Mars form­ing a semi-cir­cle. Stu­dents of palm­istry should be guided by the fol­low­ing rules in mak­ing pre­dic­tions.

If the line be­gins with a red­dish tinge, the sub­ject

would suf­fer from heart trou­ble in his life.

If the line is yel­low in colour, the sub­ject would

suf­fer from dis­eases af­fect­ing the gen­i­tals.

If the line orig­i­nates from the Mount of Moon and pro­ceeds to­wards the Mount of Mer­cury along the per­cus­sion, the sub­ject would go over­seas sev­eral times in his life.

If the line is dis­tinct and the Head line is strong,

the sub­ject would have a sharp mem­ory.

If the line is long and fine with a short line of Life,

the in­suf­fi­ciency of the Life line is made up for.

If there is a sign of a rec­tan­gle at the end of the

Health Line, the sub­ject suf­fers from Asthma

If the Moon line meets the Health line, the sub­ject is a

suc­cess­ful poet and trav­els abroad sev­eral times.

If a wavy Health line touches the Fate line, the sub­ject’s luck re­mains weak through­out life.

If there is a cross at the end of the Head line and the Health line, the sub­ject’s life is a great suc­cess.

If there is a cross near the Health line, the sub­ject would meet with sev­eral ac­ci­dents.

A cross on the Health line in­di­cates that the sub­ject is of un­sound mind

If a dou­ble Health line touches the Mount of Sun, the sub­ject would get high po­lit­i­cal of­fice.

If the Health line rises from the Heart line, like a branch off it, and runs down to touch the Life line, it in­di­cates a dis­ease of the heart.

A chained line in­di­cates a dis­eased liver and stom­ach.

A star on this line at the point it crosses the Head line in a woman’s hand in­di­cates a se­ri­ous gy­nae­co­log­i­cal prob­lem or dif­fi­cul­ties to be ex­pe­ri­enced at child de­liv­ery.

Time shown on the line of Mer­cury

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