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The fes­ti­val of Eid al­fitr at the end of the fast­ing pe­riod of Ra­mazan has just been cel­e­brated. It came just after We­sak this year, a lit­tle more than a month after the most hor­rific Easter Sun­day for Chris­tians in Sri Lanka. I have many dear friends and ac­quain­tances from the Mus­lim com­mu­nity who are as an­gry, hor­ri­fied and un­happy about the bomb blasts of Easter Sun­day as I am. They feel ex­actly as we do, which is why it is im­por­tant that there should be no anger, re­venge, boy­cott or any action against these in­no­cents who ab­hor ex­trem­ists and fa­nat­ics as much as we do. We must put our coun­try first, as we can­not progress as a na­tion with­out peace, har­mony and peace­ful co­ex­is­tence among all com­mu­ni­ties. There are good and bad among all com­mu­ni­ties, there is a lot of jeal­ousy if some­one does well and has done so by work­ing hard for it. One must work hard to get ahead, not get rich by sit­ting back and get­ting money through other means. Greed for power, for money and jeal­ousy are qual­i­ties which have over­taken pa­tri­o­tism, dis­ci­pline and self con­trol, all qual­i­ties needed for our coun­try to progress and be a Par­adise once again.

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