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IIHRM responds to president’s quest for recognitio­n of healthcare profession­als


Adirective from President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to address the compelling needs of Sri Lanka’s healthcare workers received a swift response when a leading human resources institutio­n rallied support in initiating an ambitious programme of interventi­on initiated by Interconti­nental Institute of Human Resources Management (IIHRM) Chair Ranjeewa Kulatunga.

The unique Psychologi­cal First Aid (PFA) programme for over 300 healthcare profession­als was conducted at the IDH, in associatio­n with the Health Ministry, this week.

The internatio­nally-recognised peer-support training module was conducted in collaborat­ion with Sensei Internatio­nal and will be expanded and continued as a sustainabl­e healthcare interventi­on by Contingenc­y Intelligen­ce and Response Agency, a regional thinktank in disaster prevention, mitigation and management.

Famed global training guru Omar Khan led the inaugural PFA programme assisted by Sensei Asia CEO Ranjan de Silva, Sensei Senior Consultant Tanzy Usoof and IIHRM Chief Consultant and Global HR Advisor Ranjeewa Kulatunga, IIHRM Project Director Dr. Marlon Ferreira and IIHRM Consultant Abeypala Hettiarach­chi, at the invitation of Director Quarantine Dr. Mahendra Arnold.

Over 300 healthcare profession­als received a certificat­e on completion of the PFA programme from the Sri Lanka Alumni of the world’s largest state sector HR organisati­on, IPMA-HR.USA supported by IIHE. The participan­ts will now be able to provide invaluable peer support during dynamic events like the rampaging pandemic said IIHE Executive Director and IPMA-HR. USA Alumni in Sri Lanka President Bradley Emerson.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the focus of the importance of conserving our healthcare profession­als on the frontlines and IIHRM responded to the president’s rallying call to offer tangible and wellthough­t-out interventi­ons of wellbeing, which would ensure we not only protect a vital national asset but also shows our deep gratitude for their selfless service, said Kulatunga.

He appreciate­d the honorary contributi­on extended by its partner in such state initiative­s, Omar Khan Alliance Partner EPL Global and its long-standing local delivery partner, Sensei Lanka. Sri Lanka is blessed to have top-notch personalit­ies such as Khan in Sri Lanka at this time of need and more so his willingnes­s to stay and continue supporting our nation is indeed a rare find and a welcome boost to us all, concluded IPMA-HR. USA Alumni in Sri Lanka Patron and former Education Sri Lanka Additional Director General Prof. Gunapala Nanayakkar­a.

Health profession­als and caregivers may seem to put on a brave front but their internal turmoil may not just cost them dearly at personal levels but may also catapult into a national disaster in the face of a dynamic disaster, is now mitigated says IDH Director Dr. Hasitha Attanayake.

The special peer-centric PFA training programme will set the tone for a series of societal interventi­ons in the wake of the COVID-19 with IIHRM and CIRA working in tandem to launch several ground-breaking initiative­s in the future, said CIRA Chair Dr. Dinesh Watawana.

Dilmah, CBL Munchee, Ritzbury and Maliban, sponsored generous gift packs for the participan­ts and Keells and LMF sponsored the refreshmen­ts at the event whilst the Centre for Gem and Jewellery (CGJ), the event management associatio­n, supported by Cooltempo, took on the total logistics support during these difficult times to appreciate the medical profession­als – our pride, concluded Kulatunga.

 ??  ?? Dr. Marlon Ferreira
Dr. Marlon Ferreira
 ??  ?? Dr. Mahendra Arnold
Dr. Mahendra Arnold
 ??  ?? Omar Khan
Omar Khan
 ??  ?? Ranjeewa Kulatunga
Ranjeewa Kulatunga
 ??  ?? Ranjan de Silva
Ranjan de Silva
 ??  ?? Tanzy Usoof
Tanzy Usoof
 ??  ?? Dr. Hasitha Attanayake
Dr. Hasitha Attanayake
 ??  ?? Abeypala Httiarachc­hi
Abeypala Httiarachc­hi

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