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Pe­cu­liar­i­ties of the Head Line and their sig­ni­fi­ca­tions

- By A. S. Fer­nando

Read­ers who are fol­low­ing the ar­ti­cles on Palm­istry on this page from the be­gin­ning of the se­ries should be fa­mil­iar with the po­si­tion of the Head Line on the hand and its im­por­tance.

The Head Line which in­di­cates the men­tal qual­i­ties of the sub­ject is con­sid­ered the most im­por­tant line on the hand.

The Head line tells the char­ac­ter of the mind which op­er­ates through the brain and man­i­fests it­self on this line.

The Head line which crosses the cen­ter of the hand is nor­mally found com­menc­ing from the start­ing point of the Life line, very of­ten slightly at­tached to the lat­ter line and pro­ceed­ing slightly slop­ing to­wards the per­cus­sion.

Pe­cu­liar­i­ties of the Head line and their sig­ni­fi­ca­tions. (To be con­tin­ued)

Mr. Dogls’ walk three neigh­bour­hoods down took longer than ex­pected be­cause find­ing the big grey dog who liked to howl was a more dif­fi­cult task than he imag­ined.

He asked around sev­eral by-lanes and gate­ways about the dog, but none of those dogs knew any­thing much about where he lived, while some gave wrong direc­tions.

Mr. Dogls won­dered at how a dog, that had an en­tire ‘Howlers’ Club’ in sev­eral neigh­bour­hoods, could be known by so lit­tle in his own.

It was fi­nally clos­ing in on lunch time that he came across a small black gate, and sniffed out a dog. “I bet­ter ask him if he knows of any grey dogs,” thought Mr. Dogls, and as he drew closer he spot­ted the an­i­mal in­side the gate.

“Hi there!” barked out Mr. Dogls; there was a low bark in re­sponse and it was then that Mr. Dogls saw him, grey, big and old.

“Are you the big grey dog who runs the ‘Howlers’ Club’?” he asked im­me­di­ately.

The dog looked at him for a minute or two be­fore ask­ing: “Why would you want to know?”

Mr. Dogls told him the whole story, of how he met the mon­goose Ricky and the mes­sage he had given him of the one last big howl that was to hap­pen on full moon day.

The grey dog sighed. “Yes that’s me, I’m the Pres­i­dent of the Howlers’ Club,” he said in­tro­duc­ing him­self as Champ.

“I want to know why it’s go­ing to be one last big howl?” Mr. Dogls asked.

Champ set­tled down on the ground be­hind his gate and licked his paws. “When I be­gan the ‘Howlers’ Club’ I wanted ev­ery­one to have a place to find their an­cient past in them; you know, we come from wolves and our hearts al­ways re­mem­ber the great howl, es­pe­cially when the moon is out,” he ex­plained with a sigh. “It had to be some­thing that a dog re­ally wanted to do, to find the true wolf in them. And that’s why it has to be mem­bers-only. Ricky helped to get the mes­sage across and lots of dogs joined from all the neigh­bour­hoods around here.

“But now I’m afraid I’m about to leave to a far­away place, my master is tak­ing me with him to an­other coun­try, and I have to leave all this be­hind,” Champ whined sadly and placed his head be­tween his paws.

“Isn’t there any­one out there to help?” Mr. Dogls asked.

“Well I haven’t re­ally thought about it like that, I sup­pose you could take over as you seem so in­ter­ested,” Champ said prick­ing up his ears.

“Well I never…” Mr. Dogls could not fin­ish his sen­tence be­cause Champ stood up and let out a long howl.

“I hereby de­clare the Howlers’ Club and all its Howlers the re­spon­si­bil­ity of… er what is your name?” Champ paused.

Mr. Dogls just looked at him with wide eyes and an­swered help­lessly, “Mr. Dogls.”

“Mr. Dogls!” com­pleted Champ and he fin­ished it with an­other long howl. “Now it’s time for me to teach you ev­ery howl there is.”

With­out a word Mr. Dogls watched as Champ howled each howl, one for hap­pi­ness, one for sad­ness, one for ‘I’m in trou­ble’ and one for funny.

Mr. Dogls had to re­peat af­ter him and did learn it quite quickly, even though he was not very sure about tak­ing over such a big re­spon­si­bil­ity.

“I’ll make sure Ricky comes and gets the next howl date from you, from now on,” Champ said. “Thank you so much for tak­ing over, I re­ally don’t know what I would have done with­out you.”

He bid Mr. Dogls good­bye, and as he walked back to his own neigh­bour­hood, Mr. Dogls won­dered what on earth he had got him­self into. He was now the leader of the Howlers’ Club, some­thing he had heard of only this morn­ing.

What hap­pened af­ter that is an­other story for an­other day!

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