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Gamigedara.com – one stop ecom­merce site for SL tra­di­tional foods

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As the so­ci­ety at large is be­gin­ning to ex­pe­ri­ence the im­pact of pro­cessed food, there is a re­newed in­ter­est in go­ing back to tra­di­tional food va­ri­eties that kept our an­ces­tors healthy.

Tra­di­tional Sri Lankan foods are very much sought af­ter to­day – their whole­some good­ness has once again been dis­cov­ered as more and more peo­ple turn to good old Sri Lankan va­ri­eties.

Yet, it is dif­fi­cult t o source or­gan­i­cally pro­duced tra­di­tional Sri Lankan foods – al­though farmer com­mu­ni­ties still grow them.

www.gamigedara.com is a unique e com­merce web­site that con­nects cus­tomers di­rectly with farmer com­mu­ni­ties that pro­duce dif­fi­cult-tofind tra­di­tional Sri Lankan pro­duce by mak­ing them avail­able on­line.

From home grown pulses such as fox mil­let to fresh fin­ger mil­let pow­der, the pro­duce avail­able on www. gamigedara.com has been sourced di­rectly from vil­lages and com­mu­ni­ties where farm­ers still grow them the tra­di­tional way.

“These farm­ers need ac­cess to the right mar­ket place – and the cus­tomers of to­day need to be able to find these prod­ucts eas­ily”, said a spokesman for www.gamigedara.com, “We are mak­ing the con­nec­tion with­out the ad­di­tional prices of mid­dle­men.”

Among the unique prod­ucts sourced by the www.gamigedara.com team are herbal por­ridge prod­ucts that com­bine the good­ness of an­cient recipes and pulses such as thana haa­land olu rice. There are also in­no­va­tive prod­ucts de­vel­oped by farmer com­mu­ni­ties such as Nut­meg Jam, Sour­sop Cor­dial and Bis­cuits made from heir­loom rice va­ri­eties.“there are truly in­no­va­tive prod­ucts de­vel­oped by our farmer com­mu­ni­ties who still rely on their an­cient her­itage and unique in­sights from tra­di­tional farm­ing meth­ods to sus­tain tra­di­tional va­ri­eties of foods. These are vi­tal for us to sus­tain our unique foot­print that has sur­vived gen­er­a­tions and cen­turies.”

w w w. g a m i g e d a r a . c o m a l s o mar­kets heir­loom rice va­ri­eties that are rare and dif­fi­cult to find yet are packed with nat­u­ral good­ness.“A few gen­er­a­tions ago, Sri Lankans had their own food habits that in­volved con­sum­ing tra­di­tional food va­ri­eties – to­day, we are plagued with NCDS and dis­eases which are a di­rect re­sult of no longer eat­ing food that is com­pat­i­ble with our DNA. At www.gamigedara.com, we are hop­ing to bring back the tra­di­tional way of eat­ing foods that our an­ces­tors ate.”

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