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Tom Hanks trans­forms into a Civil War VET­ERAN FOR THE film NEWS OF THE WORLD

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Tom Hanks trans­forms into an old man in the Wild West in a new trailer for his up­com­ing film News Of The World. Based on a 2016 novel by Paulette Jiles, the film is helmed by Paul Green­grass who also di­rected Tom in Cap­tain Phillips.

In this film Tom also plays a 'cap­tain' - Cap­tain Jef­fer­son Kyle Kidd who is on a mis­sion to re­trieve a young Texan girl kid­napped by the Kiowa tribe. The lit­tle girl played by Ger­man child ac­tress He­lena Zen­gel is called Jo­hanna and in the book her par­ents were mur­dered by the Kiowa. She is raised by the tribe and be­comes at­tached to them, but her aunt and un­cle hire Civil War vet­eran Jef­fer­son to find her and bring her back to Texas. How­ever Jo­hanna has be­come so im­mersed in life among the Kiowa that she does not un­der­stand English and it is left to Jef­fer­son to teach her.

Jef­fer­son, whose job is to read news­pa­pers aloud to towns­folk, can be seen in the teaser's open­ing scene do­ing the same for Jo­hanna.

'You see all those words? Put 'em all to­gether and you have a story,' says Jef­fer­son prompt­ing Jo­hanna to re­peat: 'Story.' Later on he is seen driv­ing a wagon while try­ing to get Jo­hanna to her rel­a­tives - as she ef­fort­lessly rides on horse­back be­side him.

'Well, you can cer­tainly han­dle a horse,' he mar­vels at her, to which she says: 'Horse' in­di­cat­ing she has picked up the new word. 'Cap­tain,' she then says, and Jef­fer­son seems pleased at this, point­ing at him­self and say­ing: 'Make no mis­take - cap­tain.'

How­ever the dy­namic duo run into their share of dan­ger, in­clud­ing a sand­storm that at one point ap­pears to sep­a­rate them. Jef­fer­son can be seen des­per­ately bel­low­ing: 'JO­HANNA!' as the lit­tle girl is spot­ted in sil­hou­ette some dis­tance away.

They also find them­selves way­laid by a group of gun­men who in­form Jef­fer­son that the 'road's closed' and when he asks: 'Is that the law?' they re­ply: 'It is now.' A leer­ing man tries to buy the child from Jef­fer­son and snatches of footage show the aged cap­tain hav­ing to de­fend him­self with a gun.

In spite of the con­tin­u­ing coro­n­avirus lock­downs the teaser ad­ver­tises that the movie will get a the­atri­cal re­lease on Christ­mas Day.

Tom and his wife Rita Wil­son came down with COVID-19 ear­lier this year while in Aus­tralia.

The teaser ad­ver­tises that the movie will be re­leased on Christ­mas Day

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