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“I am not feel­ing well. Maybe I should take a break” said Rahul.

“You are used to work­ing hard. No-one can tell you to stop so maybe it is time to take a break. Even your fam­ily are afraid to tell you be­cause you are so used to re­spon­si­bil­ity” com­mented Nalini.

“Well, thank you for telling me and I will make up my mind to get up late and just get used to eat, drink and sleep!” said Rahul.

“You are lucky you did not get a heart at­tack. Just slow down and read a book.

I am sure you have plenty of books to read so en­joy your­self” said Nalini.

“I al­ways told my­self that I have no time to waste but now I know that I am not spe­cial and that it is time I took care of my­self” said Rahul.

“If only ev­ery­one thought like you and ad­dressed their health is­sues in time we would be a healthy na­tion” chimed in Pradeep who was a stu­dent of Psy­chol­ogy.

“You are right. I think that many of us are worka­holics and de­vote time away from the home­front. Who knows? Maybe our fam­i­lies too would ben­e­fit if we spent time at home. I am used to do­ing over­time and al­ways told my­self that we needed the money. We al­ways need money but time at home is also of value” said Rahul.

“Per­haps you should ask your wife what kind of help she needs at home. Maybe the gar­den needs weed­ing or you could sweep the com­pound” sug­gested Pradeep.

“Maybe I should con­sult oth­ers and lead a bet­ter life” said Rahul.

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