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Lotus Tower joins White House, BT tower in London, Niagara falls, to be lit up


September is the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month The “Lotus Tower” in Colombo will join iconic structures and places in the world such as White House in the US, Niagara falls in Canada and BT Tower in London, to be illuminate­d in gold colour, to mark child cancer awareness, a statement from the Sri Lanka College of Oncologist­s said.

Issuing a statement, Dr. Sanjeeva Gunasekera, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist at the Apeksha Hospital said “September is dedicated to raising awareness about childhood cancer, support children with cancer and their caregivers, celebrate cancer survivors and remember children who are not with us anymore. This year is of added significan­ce to us, as Sri Lanka was selected as one of the countries for the implementa­tion of the

World Health Organisati­on's Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer. Although the Covid pandemic restricted our planned activities, we marked this month, by participat­ing in internatio­nal childhood cancer activities, taking our stories to the world, conducting a series of webinars targeting medical profession­als, university students and the general public and will culminate in lighting up of the “Lotus Tower” in gold colour. We very much appreciate the support given by the Sri Lanka College of Oncologist­s (SLCO) and the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) of the Ministry of Health in all these activities.”

September is the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Gold is the colour associated with childhood cancer, denoting the preciousne­ss and the resilience of the children with cancer.

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