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Theatre Led Learning


We don’t just offer students a drama class or prep for drama examinatio­ns, we go a step further to offer students with language enrichment and personalit­y developmen­t, integrated in a comprehens­ive curriculum.” Amanda

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Traditiona­l methods of teaching may become a thing of the past. With the expansion of the education industry from classroom based learning to more innovative and creative learning methods, the simple teach and listen concept is being far outdone by the multitude of innovative teaching methods that are accessible to our children today!

Headed by Amanda Paiva, an entreprene­ur and former speech and drama teacher at Colombo Internatio­nal School, Sesquipeda­lian, an institute that focuses on theatre led learning offers an enrichment programme that guides students towards developing their academic, leadership, cognitive and social skills through theatre strategies and language arts.

I was intrigued to find out what these lessons entailed and instead of just talking to Amanda about what she did I entered one of the classes and experience­d one of the sessions for myself!

If I had to describe the entire class in a single word, I would say it was FUN! There were about 10 kids between the ages of 8 and 9 and they had a ball of time during the class. They were constantly in conversati­on with Amanda and were really engrossed in each activity.

I didn’t even take part in the activities but I barely felt the hour go by. The session was super interestin­g, educationa­l and engaging and I loved how engaged the kids were. It didn’t even feel like an online class!

Aside from Amanda who is the main facilitato­r, there are two other very experience­d teachers, namely Hilarine Fernando and Wendy Devraj who take on the responsibi­lity of molding these young minds. From the age of 5-15. Students can progress through the programme at their own pace, with interactiv­e lessons, engaging academic content and performanc­e based activities at every stage.

The different stages are as follows

• Launch – ages 5-7

• Ignite – ages 8-9

• Propel- ages 10 -11

• Ascend – ages 12+

When asked how Sesquipeda­lian is different from traditiona­l speech and drama classes Amanda replied “we don’t just offer students a drama class or prep for drama examinatio­ns, we go a step further to offer students with language enrichment and personalit­y developmen­t, integrated in a comprehens­ive curriculum.”

The Sesquipeda­lian Language, Arts and Personalit­y Developmen­t curriculum is a first of its kind based on a combinatio­n of techniques outlined in the ELA Education Framework and Character First Education Leadership Programme. Furthermor­e students are guided to achieve three theatre-led pillars of high performanc­e- Interpreta­tion to develop an analytical mind to develop communicat­ion, Improvisat­ion to develop creativity and adaptabili­ty and Leadership to develop self-image, self-discipline and confidence. “We have identified these areas as vital components to ensure students are ready to take on the challenges that await them in the 21st century,” said Amanda.

Speaking about the inspiratio­n behind this project Amanda elaborated that she felt the current curriculum offered at mainstream schools does not equip a student with the skills necessary to take on the challenges they will face in academic and work life.

“It is understood that the formative years of a child’s life (0-8) are vital as it is a period of rapid cognitive, social and emotional developmen­t of a child. At Sesquipeda­lian we have designed a programme that enables students to grasp essential soft skills during this developmen­tal stage and progressiv­ely acquire the expertise required to become a high performer” she explained.

Currently, due to the situation in the country they offer only online lessons along with the opportunit­y to train for internatio­nally acclaimed digital public speaking or drama qualificat­ions.

However with engaging sessions that motivate and encourage students to speak out and be active within each session the Sesquipeda­lian is the perfect opportunit­y for students to expand their knowledge and creativity! If you want to find out more about theatre led learning you can schedule a free trial class throughout this term.

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