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Wheels of justice turned against the mighty!


The authoritie­s had recently taken to task a former Diyawanna member from the Pulatisipu­ra who had forcibly entered a forest reserve and carried out some illegal activity there.

The wild life authoritie­s also had occasion a day after this incident to arrest several sons of some powerful families said to be closely connected to an influentia­l political family along with their buddies while they were staging a fire display inside a protected forest off Puthur close to Pulatisipu­ra.

There had been a son of a wealthy businessma­n from Pulatisipu­ra among the youth arrested by the wild Life authoritie­s.

The group of young men had gone down on their knees to apologize to the wild life personnel for creating a disturbanc­e inside the forest.

However, once outside the forest, the young men had suddenly changed their attitude from penitence to insolence and the wild life personnel who acted tactfully in dealing with the new situation had reported the matter to the higher authoritie­s.

The wild Life personnel had got an immediate order from high above, “Overlook the fact ‘whose who’ they are! Take legal action against them.”

The errant youth group was later produced before courts and money and political clout failed to buy their freedom, they say.

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