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Police have failed to arrest real culprits

in Garlic Scam- Defence Counsel ● Alleges that there is a strong suspicion regarding the ongoing investigat­ion


Defence counsel appeared on behalf of two businessme­n arrested for allegedly aiding and abetting to remove two containers with 54,000 kilograms of garlic belonging to Lanka Sathosa informed court that a false case had been filed against his clients aiming to protect the real culprits.

Counsel Darshana Kuruppu appearing for the suspects alleged that there is a strong suspicion regarding the ongoing investigat­ion into the garlic scam since police have failed to arrest the real culprits involved in the incident.

Defence Counsel questioned in Court as to why police had failed to arrest the businessma­n who purchased the stock of garlic and the owner of the warehouse where the concerned stock of garlic was found.

“According to the ‘B’ report, the owner of the N.S. Enterprise­s Deepak Kumar Krishnakum­ar has purchased the stock of garlic from Lanka Sathosa. He has admitted the fact that he purchased the stock of garlic”, Mr. Kuruppu said.

Defence counsel submitted to court that the reasons for not arresting these individual­s could be ascertaine­d by analysing the telephone calls received by them. He further said the first suspect Susil Perera, the Deputy General Manager of the Sathosa

Financial Division arrested over the incident, has already been granted bail. He requested the court to release his clients on bail, who were arrested on charges of aiding and abetting to commit the fraud.

Welisara Magistrate Heshantha de Mel announced that the order regarding the bail applicatio­n will be delivered on October 1. Accordingl­y, two suspects Welaudam Siridaran, the sole proprietor of S.K Traders and his uncle Sinnaiyah Kamalakuma­r were ordered to be further remanded till October 1.

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