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Stiff opposition to the move to form a new alliance!


The former Number One from Pulatisipu­ra is said to be making a determined effort these days to revive the Blue party- led Betel leaf alliance which once succeeded in forming a government.

However, an opposition to the move to form a separate alliance while remaining within the coalition government has erupted from within the Blue party, they say.

Meanwhile, some sections in the Blue party have taken up cudgels against the party high-ups who opt to participat­e in political discussion­s initiated by the minor parties of the Betel leaf alliance.

By the way, some front-liners of the

Blue party have turned vociferous critics of the coalition government. However, four to five Blue party seniors have taken up the stance that they should not get their wings clipped by raising an unnecessar­y ruckus against the government.

A meeting of the party’s decisionma­king body had been called recently to discuss the party’s stand vis-a vis the coalition government. However, warned of a possible noisy protest to the proposed stand prejudicia­l to the government, a party bigwig had made the tactical move of inviting three leaders of minor political parties too to this meeting.

Considerin­g the presence of three political party leaders as guests on the occasion, the progovernm­ent lobby maintained a studied silence at this meeting, they say.

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