Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka)

No action; talk only


Allegation­s of corruption and misuse of positions of power are being traded very frequently in various fora and yet nothing comes out of it. Everybody keeps smiling and the ground is cleared for further robbery and cheating as nobody dares take action!! What is the secret of this “no action talk only”?

Are these people; the accuser and accused leading charmed lives or these are “public demonstrat­ions” only to keep the people’s attention on hold, while something else is done somewhere else? Cannot High Court Judges direct the CID to investigat­e and report on these allegation­s as the people have a right to know the truth?

The accuser must submit evidence so that it is verifiable and if allegation­s are made without evidence the accuser should be punished by imprisonme­nt. Should we not have a permanent commission of enquiry to investigat­e and report to parliament on the acquisitio­n of assets by parliament­arians and their immediate family members? Will we ever see persons of integrity and honesty coming forward to serve their fellow citizens without looking for personal gain and glory?

By creating more and more levels of administra­tion we are creating opportunit­ies galore! The poor citizens are becoming poorer and those in positions of trust are becoming bigger in size as well as in purse!!


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