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HNB offers higher returns for foreign currencies with FC Advantage


In a bid to encourage foreign currency account holders to save in designated currencies, Sri Lanka’s most customerce­ntric private sector bank HNB PLC offered Foreign Currency Advantage (FC Advantage) savings account holders with higher returns.

Offering exciting interest rates as high as 4.58 percent per annum for USD, FC Advantage can be operated in four designated currencies: the US dollars, Australian dollars, euros and Sterling pound. As the accounts are not restricted to Sri Lankan residents, foreign nationals and expatriate­s are invited to open an FC Advantage account with HNB.

“The pandemic had a dramatic effect in the flow of foreign currency as many sent funds home to their loved ones while securing their savings in foreign currency accounts. The FC Advantage savings account is excellent for those who wish to be incentivis­ed for their efforts while having the flexibilit­y to withdraw funds as and when needed. As such, we are delighted to provide our savings account holders with this unique opportunit­y,” HNB Head of Deposits Viranga Gamage said.

Customers who wish to open an FC Advantage need only deposit 5,000 units of a designated currency. As this foreign currency account functions fundamenta­lly as a savings account, account holders have no limitation­s on withdrawal­s or deposits.

Moreover, interest is calculated daily and credited to the account at the end of each month, incentivis­ing the account balance maintained each day.

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