Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka)


- Athammi

My mind goes back over the years,when you came into our lives. That memory lives forever; what a bundle of joy!

You were thrust into my welcoming arms; from that moment on a great love was born. I didn't expect to be alive when you left for University abroad.

But go you must; into that wide world outside. I am thankful to

God for many happy years, for your help and love.

Your lovely smile, laughter, chatter have kept me going. Through the struggles of life, you brought me endless joy.

I love you my darling much more than my life; I'll miss you more than you'll ever know.

One dream has come true; that you go to Aberdeen following family traditions; A sense of continuity is important, always remember that.

There will be mountains to climb through laughter and tears. But valleys too of sunshine and peace.

Remember to reach out to the needy in countless ways. God will protect and guide you, I know he will.

You have always sought him through night and through day.

See England too, my second home, my friends will always be there for you.

God bless you my darling. My blessings and love go with you wherever I am.

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