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Birth Anniversar­y of late President J.R. Jayewarden­e


The late President J.R. Jayewarden­e, whose birth anniversar­y was on the 17th September, was Sri Lanka's first Executive President. He began his education at my Alma Mater Bishop's College and all Bishopians are very proud of him. He continued at Royal College, was a cricketer which he has stated taught him to play the game and adhere to the rules. He is still respected and remembered in Japan. He was a refined cultured person who loved history, reading and music. When he visited the US as President on the invitation of the late President Reagan, the speech he made and that of the US President about him are still remembered. At the banquet in his honour, the late Frank Sinatra sang his favourite song, 'My Way' specially at his request. His wife, the late Elena was an exceptiona­l, wonderful person as was his only child Ravi, who never made use of his father's position for privileges and perks.

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