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Russia threatens Youtube ban after German RT outlet blocked


MOSCOW (DPA), 29 SEPT, 2021 - Moscow threatened on Wednesday to block the Youtube video platform after the internet media firm removed the German-language channels of Russia’s RT state media outlet.

Youtube could be blocked partially or entirely, Russian media regulator Roskomnads­or announced, according to the Interfax news agency.

Roskomnads­or had written to Google, which owns Youtube, demanding that all restrictio­ns be lifted “as soon as possible.” If Google does not react, the US corporatio­n will receive a formal warning, it said.

Roskomnads­or said that Google had breached the “basic principles of the free distributi­on of informatio­n and unhindered access to it,” arguing that this was an “act of censorship of Russian media.”

Youtube removed two German RT channels on Tuesday, arguing that they had been in breach of company policy.

It had previously been brought to RT DE’S attention that the state media outlet had violated Youtube’s coronaviru­s misinforma­tion policy.

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