Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka)

What happens to the seized narcotics?


Almost daily we see in the news telecast over the visual and printed media. These are very large stocks that the police apprehend from the drug paddlers and trafficker­s. When considerin­g the volume of heroin, Kerala and local marijuana apprehende­d by the police and the Navy, according the details indicated about the street value of millions or billions, it would have been sufficient to fill the coffers of the Treasury to finance the total expenditur­e of the government for a year without any deficit.

Now, the question in my and in the others’ who have seen these is “What is happening to the narcotic drugs that are being seized by the sleuths?” Should not these narcotics and other drugs be destroyed publicly?

Once in a way we see the ganja plants that are uprooted being set on fire. But never the other big hauls of heroin, marijuana, ICE (methamphet­amine) etc. We only hope that these drugs do not surreptiti­ously get into the hands of the drug lords.


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