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Refute reasons given by IPG for ineligibil­ity Say they signed a term sheet to continue as Jaffna franchise owners


The ownership group of the Jaffna Stallions franchise that won last year’s Lanka Premier League claim they were verbally offered the rights to another team despite being deemed ineligible to retain ownership of the Jaffna franchise. While not naming the team that they claim was offered to them, which the Daily Mirror understand­s was the Colombo Kings franchise, the Jaffna Stallions ownership group further stated that it had signed a term sheet offered to them last month to continue ownership of the Jaffna team.

“In August, IPG sent Jaffna Stallions a term sheet to sign. The document was signed promptly, agreeing to payment terms,” a Jaffna Stallions spokespers­on told the Daily Mirror.

While IPG, who are the rights holders for the LPL have not officially indicated a reason for why the group could no longer continue as owners of the Jaffna franchise, the Jaffna Stallions spokespers­on indicated that it was an issue with the Know Your Client (KYC) details provided.

“A reason given was citing KYC details. We verified with the ICC (Internatio­nal Cricket Council), which confirmed KYC was fine,” the spokespers­on said.

“ICC officials also described us as a ‘model franchise’ in terms of transparen­cy and integrity.”

In a statement released on Facebook, the Jaffna Stallions ownership group claimed there was a lack of transparen­cy and trust.

“The bottom line is the lack of transparen­cy and trust made it nearly impossible for us to operate, yet we still committed to keep going because we love Jaffna and the work we are doing in Sri Lanka is meaningful. This was followed by a series of strange events including people around the league verbally offering us to take over another team instead,” the statement read.

“The entire thing is strange, and makes it impossible for any good operator to run a successful franchise or league. Jaffna Stallions is a solidly run organizati­on, as you can see by our fanbase, our social media, and investment in the team -- it should be obvious we know what we’re doing.”

Previously the ownership of the Colombo Kings and the Dambulla Viiking franchises were also terminated.

Sri Lanka-born British businessma­n Subaskaran Allirajah has acquired the Jaffna franchise, which will reportedly be renamed ‘Jaffna Kings’.

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