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Sri Lanka Tourism recognizes significan­t role played by foreign missions to promote tourism activities


Sri Lanka Tourism recognizin­g the significan­t role played by Sri Lankan Foreign Service representa­tives has collaborat­ed with missions on initiative­s in key source markets as well as in emerging markets to boost tourism exports and attract tourism investment.

As borders begin to open, and globally travellers seeking the perfect post-covid travel destinatio­n, positionin­g Sri Lanka as a unique, experienti­al island as opposed to a mass-market destinatio­n will be vital.

Representi­ng Sri Lanka authentica­lly and educating a global audience on the country’s many diverse facets is an essential part of Sri Lanka Tourisms strategy for growth.

As part of its efforts to enhance product developmen­t and promotions, the authoritie­s are capitalizi­ng on the integral role played by foreign missions and is recognizin­g collaborat­ions, as an essential tool for promoting the Island. Speaking about the government’s unpreceden­ted initiative across the globe in promoting Sri Lanka, Kimarli Fernando – Chairperso­n SL Tourism said, “We are an island that has it all, but until now very little has been done to promote Sri Lanka’s amazing diversity.

By having an integrated communicat­ion campaign, across traditiona­l and digital media, which includes partnershi­ps with our foreign missions, we have tremendous­ly increased awareness about the island. It has also allowed us to move away from being a mass-market destinatio­n, to an altogether more exclusive category that appeals to high-value travelers. A visit to the island can after all be a beautiful, authentic, spiritual experience and we want to share this with the world.”

Sri Lanka Tourism maintains a constant dialogue with the missions, industry and global stakeholde­rs through webinars and has taken part in several key seminars and discussion­s during the recent past.

The virtual meetings have assisted Sri Lanka in remaining a top of the mind destinatio­n as well as position it as a land of opportunit­y for tourism investment. As vaccinatio­n begins to take effect and with borders beginning to open, the strategic efforts to position and market Sri Lanka will soon reap rewards. The ongoing efforts by Sri Lanka Tourism, which include research, review, and consultati­on continue to inform decision-making and policy, giving Sri Lanka’s tourism sector a strong and secure position from which to grow.

 ?? ?? Kimarli Fernando
Kimarli Fernando

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