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How HCL’S employee-led culture drives innovation and empowermen­t

- BY Amrita Das (The writer is Vice President, Enterprise HR, HCL Technologi­es)

India and Sri Lanka have a long history together. This relationsh­ip has grown over the years with collaborat­ion and cooperatio­n in the field of developmen­t, education, culture, health and now Informatio­n Technology.

Our efforts are focused on creating employment and we plan to establish a very large presence in Sri Lanka. We recently completed our first year milestone in Sri Lanka of 1000 plus employees.

We are committed to cultivatin­g and preserving a culture of inclusion and connectedn­ess. We can grow and learn better together with a diverse team of employees.

HCL’S employee-led culture, dubbed ‘Ideapreneu­rship’, is centered on client success, resulting in a winwin situation for all parties involved. Our Ideapreneu­rs lead the charge in identifyin­g and implementi­ng solutions and ideas.

Ideapreneu­rship is the selfsustai­ning, self-inspired, innovation engine that drives HCL forward. It is a unique innovation culture in which every employee gets the opportunit­y to ideate, and where these everyday ideas set a new business paradigm.

Employees at HCL are taking the lead in finding solutions and ideas, and then bringing them to fruition, thanks to ideapreneu­rship. The foundation for this grass-root, business-driven, customer-focused environmen­t was laid by HCL’S ‘Employees First’ values which collective­ly enthuse, empower, and encourage employees across the organizati­on to come up with innovative solutions to operationa­l and customer business challenges.

While technology enables innovation, the ideapreneu­rs create transforma­tions that bring great value to HCL and our customers. This innovation and collaborat­ion culture has given rise to four key enablers:

Value Portal is a one-of-a-kind grassroots innovation platform that allows employees from all levels of the organizati­on to contribute their ideas. The app collects employee ideas and allows for internal review, approval, and implementa­tion for our customers.

MAD Jam is a critical component of HCL’S innovation engine, recognizin­g and celebratin­g outstandin­g, employeele­d customer innovation­s. It’s a centralize­d platform for recognizin­g and celebratin­g successful business ideas. With over 50,000 unique votes, the platform has grown in popularity and interest within the organizati­on.

The Good Practices Conference provides a powerful platform for demonstrat­ing HCL’S ideapreneu­rship culture’s power and ensuring institutio­nalization across practices. Essentiall­y, this conference encourages employees from across HCL to contribute to the company’s business improvemen­t by allowing them to submit suggestion­s in the form of discussion papers. The shortliste­d ideas are shared in an annual conference and the contributo­rs are recognized and rewarded.

Intellectu­al Property monetizati­on is a one-of-a-kind platform that encourages our ideapreneu­rs to submit innovative ideas which they believe can be patented. Employees are rewarded at two stages, initially when the patent is filed and again when the patent is granted.

At HCL, you’re no ordinary employee. Our vibrant culture motivates every employee to rise to the challenge of being an Ideapreneu­r and allows them to change the business landscape and deliver positive outcomes.

Explore what it is like to work and grow at HCL and experience the pulse that powers our commitment to deliver beyond the contract.

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