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Talks on three-way German coalition start under shroud of secrecy



2021 – Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD), which emerged as the largest legislativ­e bloc after last month’s elections, began its first formal round of coalition talks with two smaller parties on Thursday.

If successful, the talks, which are being conducted in secrecy, would lead to the first-ever coalition between the SPD, the Greens and the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) at the national level. The last time the country was ruled by a three-way coalition was in the 1950s. Speaking from Rome, where she met Pope Francis and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel said she expected forming a new government to proceed more quickly than it did four years ago, when the process took more than five months.

Merkel pledged her continuing cooperatio­n to Draghi “until I am replaced by the new German chancellor, and that will surely happen more quickly than at the last government formation.”

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