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Airport on La Palma shut due to ash


MADRID (DPA),7 OCT,2021– Air traffic on the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma has been suspended for an indefinite period due to a build-up of volcanic ash, as a relatively strong earthquake jolted residents and a fresh lava flow caused concern.

The operating company Aena said on Thursday the airport on La Palma had to halt service due to the conditions. The airlines Binter and Canaryfly already announced the day before they would no longer fly to the Atlantic Ocean island.

This leaves travellers with only the sea route to come or go. The ferries take about four hours to the neighbouri­ng island, Tenerife, where air traffic has been running normally.

The 85,000 people who live on La Palma were shaken by a magnitue-4.3 quake on Thursday, the strongest since the seismic and volcanic activity began last month, according to Spain’s National Geographic Institute.

The quake posed no great danger, including in terms of the volcanic activity, experts quoted by Spanish media said. No damage had been reported.

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