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DIMO TECH facilitate­s industrial­ists with free technical inspection­s to accelerate COVID-19 economic recovery


DIMO, a leading diversifie­d conglomera­te in Sri Lanka, further extends its commitment to the COVID-19 economic recovery of the nation by facilitati­ng free technical inspection­s to the industrial­ists through DIMO TECH, the group’s general engineerin­g solutions arm.

DIMO TECH extended this opportunit­y to all the business sectors to which it offers general engineerin­g solutions. Through this, the industrial­ists now receive free sessions of technical inspection from a team of well-experience­d profession­als. These sessions will also provide the necessary guidance on the proper maintenanc­e of the industrial equipment. The company has already expanded its general engineerin­g services to hospitals and hotels to ensure smooth functionin­g of these institutes.

DIMO, with over eight decades of expertise in handling worldrenow­ned engineerin­g brands such as MTU, Detroit Diesel and John Deere, is well-geared to assist these industrial­ists in order to reach their potential and strengthen their overall operationa­l processes.

DIMO Director Vijitha Bandara stated, “General engineerin­g plays an integral part, especially in developing the industrial sector in the country and thereby improving the productivi­ty of all sectors. Proper maintenanc­e and regular servicing of machinery and equipment are pivotal aspects to ensure smooth functionin­g of any business. We aim at further strengthen­ing our exceptiona­l service offerings to enable industrial­ists to successful­ly navigate the current business context owing to the pandemic.”

Due to the halted operations during the travel restrictio­ns, the machinery and equipment of most businesses were inoperativ­e for a long period of time. Smooth functionin­g of machinery leading to higher productivi­ty is critical in accelerati­ng economic developmen­t. Therefore, DIMO TECH firmly believes it is essential that these machines are provided with adequate inspection prior to their commenceme­nt of operations.

This measure will also assist in identifyin­g any technical error of the machinery, for the businesses which had continued throughout the pandemic to proactivel­y diagnose any potential technical error, without leading to sudden breaking down of the machinery at any given point of time.

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