Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka)

Flour, milk powder, cement, LP gas control prices removed: Minister



KIKARU - Why do we need State Ministers, Ministers and Presidents?

ROBERT - What? Better to change to firewood.

CITIZENLK - More burden on us as we are already at breaking point.

VJ - Does this mean the price of those essentials will be determined by the importers? There is another method to deceive the consumers is to reduce the content of the package. The one Kg coconut milk powder was reduced to 900 grams and

further reduced to 800.

JANAKA - Government should make export procedures easy, educate and encourage small traders to do so by creating an export friendly system. You go to export something and you get fed-up with so much paperwork and running between ministries until you give it up ....

ARNOLD - Even Afghanista­n, Somalia, Lebanon have control over essential foodstuff to make sure their people don’t starve.

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