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Line of Fate or Line of Destiny- – Part 1


- By A. S. Fernando

We have already dealt with the peculiarit­ies of the Head line, Heart line and the Life Line and their significat­ions in detail and now we dwell on the peculiarit­ies of minor lines and their significat­ions at length in a series beginning the article on the Line of Mars.

We propose to dwell in this article on the peculiarit­ies of the Line of Fate or the Line of Destiny and its significat­ions.

The Line of Fate or the Line of Destiny is considered one of the most important of the principal lines of the hand. It is also called the Line of Saturn for it invariably terminates on the Mount of Saturn.

According to savants of Palmistry, The Fate Line signifies the career, lifework and succession of happenings in life.

The Line of Fate is not found in all hands. However, the absence of this line in the hand does not indicate a negative existence, say great palmists.

It is the general opinion among the eminent palmists that despite the absence of the Line of fate, a person make a success of his life through perseveran­ce.

In most cases, the Line of Fate originates from the following places in the hand.

1. From above the wrist

2. From near the Life Line

3. From the Mount of Upper Mars

4. From the Mount of Venus crossing the Life Line

5. From the area of the Dragon’s Head

6. From the heart Line

7. From the Mount of the Moon

8. From the Line of Head

Now let us consider the peculiarit­ies of the Line of Fate and their significat­ions.

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