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Srilankan Cares marks World Children’s Day with donation to Lady Ridgeway Hospital


As the world celebrated the spirit and innocence of the rightful owners of tomorrow on Children’s Day under the global theme, ‘Reimagine a better future for every child’, Srilankan Cares, under the umbrella of the national carrier, Srilankan Airlines marked the occasion with a donation of medical equipment to the Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Colombo.

The airline understand­s and fully endorses the importance of nurturing a future generation of healthy citizens and undertakes various initiative­s to support child healthcare and wellbeing.

Accordingl­y, Srilankan Cares donated infusions pumps to the Pediatric Cardiology Unit of the Lady Ridgeway Hospital which is the only tertiary care referral centre in the country for children with heart diseases. The Hospital currently houses children from all districts of Sri Lanka.

Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Consultant Pediatric Cardiologi­st, Dr. Duminda Samarasing­he said,

“We would like to thank Srilankan Airlines for coming forward to donate essential medical equipment for the benefit of children who are undergoing treatment at the

Lady Ridgeway Hospital, thus marking the World Children’s Day in a meaningful and impactful manner. It is truly commendabl­e that the National Carrier has come forward to support the country’s healthcare efforts, specially under the prevailing circumstan­ces owing to the prevalent pandemic.”

Srilankan Airlines’ Chief Executive Officer, Vipula Gunatillek­a said, “This donation made on World Children’s Day signifies our continuous efforts to uplift the country’s healthcare sector and care given to children in need of medical attention.

What is special about our donations is that they are typically the collective contributi­ons of Srilankan Airlines’ staff members, who, despite their own hardships and challenges, strive to make a difference in the world.”

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