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The headlines of Daily Mirror’s sister paper last Sunday revealed the whopping losses running into several billions of rupees from only 20 top SOES, was indeed mind-boggling news, to say the least.

Worse is the fact that if 20 SOES could make losses in billions over a year, it is no doubt the cumulative figure when all other loss-making ones put together - numbering over 400 - could easily be considered an out-and-out financial tragedy that has continued unabated for the last so many years. No wonder the country went bankrupt altogether! Put shortly, it is a clear indication as to how precious public funds are allowed to go down the drain by short-sighted and power-hungry political leaders and politician­s who have ruined our country instead of ruling! That said, it is public knowledge that the majority of SOES - if not all - are happy hunting grounds for all ministers in power not only to park their close relations and party loyalists at the top but also to dump their henchmen and bootlicker­s as employees, making most state enterprise­s overstaffe­d too! It is a vicious circle that takes place with every regime change and as such most SOES are very unfortunat­ely run by square pegs in round holes, so to say, even at the board level resulting in total mismanagem­ent, rife with corruption and wasteful expenditur­e.

A classic case in point is how in 2008, a profitably run Srilankan Airlines by Emirates was revengeful­ly taken off their very sound and successful deal by the then president who appointed his brother-in-law, a tea planter, to take care of our planes, resulting in the airline accumulati­ng huge debts instead of profits! We continue to pay for their sins! In this background, with a mammoth debt burden resulting in the present economic crisis as never before, it is the sine qua non that these financiall­y haemorrhag­ing SOES are restructur­ed at the earliest possible and save billions of taxpayers’ money wasted on them.

However, President Wickremesi­nghe would be facing a daunting task in this regard, as already the restructur­ing process, especially of the profitable SOES are a hot topic debated within and outside parliament.in the meantime, it is in the grapevine that many hawkish politician­s are eagerly awaiting to strike deals in this regard to line their pockets like in past privatizat­ions thus, benefittin­g themselves even from the present economic crisis!

-M.r.pathirage Kolonnawa.

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