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Minister of Sports Roshan Ranasinghe in a bid to turn Sri Lanka’s luck with World Rugby (WR) has made first communicat­ion through a letter dated May 11.

WR on Wednesday opted to suspend Sri Lanka Rugby as a member of the global body following the Ministry of Sports’ appointmen­t of a stabilizat­ion committee throwing out President Rizly Illyas.

“The World Rugby Council were advised that the Sri Lanka Sports Ministry had reinstated Sri Lanka Rugby as a sports federation in Sri Lanka under the temporary operationa­l control of a government appointed Stabilisat­ion Committee. This is contrary to the World Rugby Bye-laws. The World Rugby Council, having noted the recommenda­tion of the World Rugby Executive Board, acting in accordance with the World Rugby Bye-laws agreed that Sri Lanka Rugby is suspended from World Rugby Membership with immediate effect due to a breach of the World Rugby Bye-laws relating

to political interferen­ce,” WR informed SLR through a letter.

On the other hand, Sports Ministry has written to WR on why the stabilizat­ion committee was appointed.

“The Asia Rugby - the Regional Associatio­n of World Rugby (WR) has notified that Mr. Rizly Illyas has been banned from performing duties and responsibi­lities within the jurisdicti­on of Asia Rugby,” the letter from Sports Ministry reads in explaining why the decision was made to appoint a stabilizat­ion committee.

The Ministry further states that ‘Pursuant to Order No 1990/23 (Annexture 01) made by the Minister of Sports Under the section 41 read with section 31 of Sports Act No 25 of 1973 and published in the Special Gazette dates 27th October 2016, any person subject to ban or suspension imposed by an Internatio­nal sports organizati­on is prohibited from being elected to any national sports organizati­on or otherwise holding any office position. Therefore, it has come to light that Mr. Illyas appointmen­t was illegal,” the letter reads.

Sports Ministry has further explained the thinking behind the appointmen­t of a stabilizat­ion committee.

“Furthermor­e, the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs has establishe­d a Stabilizat­ion Committee to ensure that fresh elections are conducted during the first week of August this year,” he stated in the letter.

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