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Elpitiya Plantation­s PLC makes strides in the Value Added Product Segment


Elpitiya Plantation­s PLC (EPP) is one of the Sri Lanka’s leading Regional Plantation Companies, cultivatin­g Tea, Rubber, Oil Palm and other crops in estates spanning to all 03 elevations in the Island, namely High Grown, Mid Grown and Low Grown. Through a bold and transforma­tive strategy launched several years ago, the group has gradually transition­ed from a primarily commodity based business to a dynamic, vibrant and diversifie­d business with strategic interest in non traditiona­l crops, renewable energy, specialty tea and others. EPP is also an industry leader in sustainabi­lity, having embedded with economic social and environmen­tal considerat­ions to its overall business strategy and decision making. EPP is part of the Aitken Spence PLC Group, one of Sri Lanka’s most respected and diversifie­d conglomera­tes.

The groups’ three pronged corporate strategy comprising Agricultur­e & Processing, Design 2020 and Sustainabi­lity, aims to transform EPP to a diverse, dynamic and agile organizati­on, generating superior stakeholde­r value while ensuring preservati­on of the environmen­t.

The Agricultur­e & Processing Strategy aims to increase crop yields

The Agricultur­e & Processing Strategy aims to increase crop yields and labour productivi­ty, thereby addressing the persistent challenges of labour shortages and low yields, through mechanizat­ion and better agricultur­al practices.

and labour productivi­ty, thereby addressing the persistent challenges of labour shortages and low yields, through mechanizat­ion and better agricultur­al practices.

The forward thinking, holistic Design 2020 strategy seeks to transform EPP to a diverse and entreprene­urial organizati­on through venturing into new businesses and driving value addition while developing the leadership capabiliti­es.

The sustainabi­lity strategy is a core component of its three pronged corporate strategy and has been designed to effectivel­y address several critical challenges impacting the long term sustainabi­lity of the plantation sector. The sustainabi­lity strategy centers around six specific sustainabi­lity aspiration­s with measurable targets and KPIS and it is aligned to Six specific Sustainabl­e Developmen­t Goals.

A key project under Design 2020, the ‘Berries Project’ aims to cultivate 04 varieties of Berries; Strawberri­es, Blueberrie­s, Blackberri­es & Raspberrie­s on selected estates. Commercial operations have commenced for Strawberri­es, Raspberrie­s and Blackberri­es, while Blueberrie­s are in the pilot stage. These Berries are marketed under the Brand ‘Berrymuch’ and are available in the leading supermarke­ts in Colombo.

EPP also cultivates and markets a range of tropical fruits including Soursop, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, avocado, Durian for both the local and export markets. While continuing to expand a range of short term fruit crops, we are also exploring innovative fruit based products such as pulps and jam based on customer and product research.

Another project is the cultivatio­n of Convention­al and Organic Cinnamon, strategica­lly targeting the European export market.

EPP’S renewable energy portfolio includes mini hydro projects and roof top solar projects which are generating more energy than the total energy requiremen­t of EPP.

Currently EPP has a range of Value added products consisting of Tea, Cinnamon, Treacle, Honey, Jams, RTDS and Fresh Fruits. All these exclusive products are marketed under three brand names.

1. Harrow Ceylon Choice is the company’s first and oldest brand. Tea, Cinnamon, Kithul treacle, Bee honey are all produced under this brand.

2. Berrymuch - The prior mentioned berry types and its products such as fresh berries, jams and toppings are all produced under this brand.

3. Tropifrut - Under this brand are soursop, pineapple and passion fruit and its jam, juices and toppings. Harrow House is the Retail Outlet where all the above Brands are made available.

The company’s products can be purchased in our own outlet before being purchased externally. Our special ‘Harrow House” retail outlet, situated in Vauxhall Street, Colombo 2, within our own head office complex. Our main objective is to provide all of Elpitiya’s products in one place to all consumers.

The ‘Harrow House’ concept has grown beyond the shores of Sri Lanka, with the latest outlet being opened at the prestigiou­s ‘Palladium’ shopping mall in Chennai India. In a novel addition to the ‘Harrow House’ retail outlet, EPP has joined hands with ‘Turyaa Hotel’ Chennai – owned by the Aitken Spence Group – in operating an additional section offering Food & Beverages made with the Goodness of their own products.

EPP is looking to expand the ‘Harrow House’ operations in Sri Lanka beyond Colombo, to Galle, Matara, Kandy and other locations around the main cities around Sri Lanka.

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