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Sysco LABS reaches another milestone in strengthen­ing Sri Lanka’s IT talent pool


Sysco LABS successful­ly concluded another cycle of the ‘Industry Reconnaiss­ance & Engagement Programme’ in partnershi­p with the University of Moratuwa recently.

Sysco LABS is the captive innovation centre for Sysco, the world’s largest foodservic­e company, and has a rich history of working with Sri Lankan universiti­es to enhance the knowledge and skills of IT students and undergradu­ates.

The Industry Reconnaiss­ance & Engagement programme is an intensive 15-week module which offers batches of students from the university a comprehens­ive understand­ing of It-related businesses, their functional­ities, and components.

Ten participan­ts from the University of Moratuwa spent 15 weeks in immersive sessions at Sysco LABS, learning to evaluate and analyse business activities and decisions, gaining insights into the diverse technologi­es employed by the company.

Commenting on the partnershi­p with Sysco LABS, Professor Thanuja Sandanayak­e, Head of Department and Professor from the Department of Interdisci­plinary Studies, Faculty of Informatio­n Technology at the University of Moratuwa said, “Level 1 undergradu­ate students following the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Informatio­n Technology and Management degree program had a great experience at Sysco LABS for 15 weeks. The events and workshops organised and delivered by experts have provided an invaluable platform for our young undergradu­ates to explore the industry and gain practical insights into the field of Informatio­n Technology. The collaborat­ive effort between the Faculty of Informatio­n Technology and Sysco LABS created a unique learning experience for the students that will undoubtedl­y shape their future. I am thankful to team Sysco LABS for their untiring efforts in making the future of these young students a better and brighter one.”

During the 15 weeks at Sysco LABS, the students were provided with practical corporate experience as well as comprehens­ive coursework which exposed them to the organisati­onal culture of the company while also giving them insight into industry processes such as technical project reviews. The programme’s approach is designed to instil confidence and familiarit­y in a corporate environmen­t, paving the way for potential internship­s and future employment opportunit­ies. Sysco LABS colleagues mentored the students sharing their expertise under various technical topics. Rehan Anthonis, Director of People Operations at Sysco LABS, speaking about the programme and the need to provide work environmen­t exposure to students, emphasised the significan­ce of nurturing Sri Lanka’s tech talent for the industry’s growth and the country’s economic advancemen­t.

“The ICT industry has grown as a significan­t export sector for the nation because of the immense talent available in the country.to sustain this growth, we need to keep generating skilled, high-quality local talent if we are to truly establish the country as a global IT hub.

Sysco LABS recognises its responsibi­lity in shaping the future of IT by empowering university students through initiative­s like the Industry Reconnaiss­ance & Engagement program. As a key industry player, we are committed to cultivatin­g a robust ecosystem that can provide global exposure and opportunit­ies to our future tech talent.”

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