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Nimmi Harasgama British TV award nominee in person


Nimmi Harasgama

I’m very happy, honoured and humbled to be part of that company of actors

Q: First, we’d like to congratula­te you on being nominated for the British National Television Awards. What was your reaction when you got the call saying that you’d been nominated?

A: I didn’t actually get a call; I only found out because I’m friends on Facebook with the creator of the show. She had posted that informatio­n on her Facebook page.

We were having dinner when we found out and honestly, I thought it was a mistake – I’m still processing it! It’s a really nice feeling and I’m very happy, honoured and humbled to be part of that company of actors.

Q: Could you tell us a little more about the show and your character Mari on The Good Karma Hospital?

A: The show is something of a feel-good drama that airs here (in the UK) on Sunday evenings. At the moment, it’s on between 8 p.m. and 9 o’clock. After you’ve had dinner, you can sit down and have a good cry... or laugh – that’s the kind of show it is.

Initially, it was about a young doctor who turns up in Kerala, India, after her boyfriend had jilted her – and now she wants to start afresh. She turns up at the Good Karma Hospital where we all are, and Dr. Lydia Fonseca (played by Amanda Redman, the lead of the show) is the one in charge – we all work for her.

When I was asked to audition to play Mari, Prasad Pereira was in charge of casting here. He called me up and said something like: “There is this role. It is perfect for you. It’s a really small role but though the character is very bossy, she has a good heart.”

I guess that’s what Mari is like. She’s very much in charge and is profession­al. And she has a good heart. Sometimes, she has to do things that may not seem ethical but she does it for the sake of the human beings who are in her care.

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