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Amandha Amarasekar­a

I was quite overwhelme­d and humbled by the one million likes on TikTok

Q: What did you feel when you recently reached one million ‘Likes’ on TikTok?

A: I was quite overwhelme­d and humbled by the one million Likes on TikTok!

The fact that people think the videos I post are fun and interactiv­e, and something they would like to see more of, is simply awesome. I have reached almost 41,000 followers as well; and I love the support that I’ve been receiving.

Q: Since you work in an industry where your picture is taken all the time, it’s possible that you experience negativity. How do you deal with negative comments?

A: To be quite frank, the first time you experience negativity, it really stings. And you keep looking inwards, trying to search for a plausible explanatio­n – ‘What did I do to these people for them to be so mean to me? I don’t even know them!’

You even begin to wonder whether you’re a horrible person. But once you’ve been in the spotlight for a long time, you learn that it’s more to do with people using their negative comments and inner hate to project their own insecuriti­es. It’s simply a way for them to express themselves.

Of course, it is not a healthy practice but it’s their way of trying to justify who they are to themselves by putting somebody else down.

It’s easier for someone to make fun of another person who has achieved so much by saying ‘ha ha, he has six toes!’ rather than trying to push themselves to do better than that person.

After understand­ing where the negative comments stem from, I’ve realised that I should try and think of them logically. For instance, if I upload a certain type of video such as a dance routine and they say ‘Oh, you suck!’, then I look at my performanc­e in a new light.

Maybe my dance moves aren’t as fluid as they were supposed to be? Or is it something that I could improve? If I address it in that way and improve myself, then I will feel better about my performanc­e and the negativity that was thrown my way.

However, there are times when people only use my content to vent their frustratio­n; and in those instances, I simply take it that they are having a bad day and ignore their remarks!

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