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Romaine Willis (RW) Shaun Perera-de Mel (SPM) A sizzling rendition of their song

- Romaine Willis Shaun Perera-de Mel

I think from the moment we met, we clicked almost instantly

Q: What made you guys collaborat­e on the cover?

RW: This happened in June last year while we were all stuck at home. I feel like everybody came out of that situation wanting to do things and be creative, and we had plenty of plans. I was hoping to hit the studio and record stuff.

Then Founder and CEO of Good Groove Society Mahesh Dharmadasa reached out to us and even picked the song. It was one that I really liked and I think Shaun also grew into it.

SPM: Yes, at the beginning I wasn’t too sure about the song – because I didn’t know what it was about. But then when everyone came together, Mahesh told his story; and after we’d talked about it, we got into the groove and recorded it.

And simply by communicat­ing and connecting as musicians and people, we produced it.

RW: I think the timing was perfect because we found a little reprieve from the lockdown and pandemic because of the work, and we quickly shot it.

Q: The chemistry between the two of you is amazing to watch; but the first time you two met was when you worked together on the song, right?

RW: Yeah, I think from the moment we met, we clicked almost instantly. We spent a lot of time together working on the song and realised that we have similar insecuriti­es when it comes to recording our voices.

It was as if nothing’s ever good enough. So we constantly pushed and encouraged each other.

Q: Romaine, we recently heard that you would be releasing your debut single. Can you tell us about it?

RW: Yes, it’s called Milk and Sugar, and was scheduled for release on 24 June. I’m super excited about it. It’s been a long journey and I think Shaun knows all about it since he watched me go through the different phases.

I worked with a lot of different people, and it took a while to find the ideal team and people I resonate with – meaning, those who understand my sound – and I can truly say that I finally found them.

Q: What about you, Shaun – are you working on any projects right now?

SPM: Not with the band but I am working on some originals and covers. There’s a plan being set in motion at the moment.

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