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A love for theatre and the arts

- Dmitri Gunatilake

I was practising law until about two years ago when I switched to vocal coaching

Q: Your popularity lies in your voice and love for theatre. What does your day job entail – and is it something you enjoy doing?

A: Yes, it is. I was in the legal profession and practising law until about two years ago when I switched to vocal coaching on a full-time basis.

And I’d say that I’m more into vocal coaching than the legal profession because I get to contribute to the arts, which is where my passion truly lies.

Q: Around the world, many Broadway stars began doing virtual table reads to keep theatre fans engaged since performanc­e venues have been shut due to the pandemic. Did you catch any of them online? And was there anything that interested you or something that you wanted to see?

A: That’s the peculiar thing about me. My attention span is really short and I don’t really like to watch stuff or invest in a lot of things – so I didn’t catch any of the table reads.

To be honest, I recently watched ‘Friends: The Reunion’ – and that was probably the only thing that I managed to watch for an hour or so at a stretch.

Q: Having worked in theatre and being a singer, is there an internatio­nal artiste, actor or character you would like to share the stage with one day?

A: Definitely Christine Daaé. I actually saw a casting call recently to play her but said to myself: ‘Yeah, not in this life.’

However, it is my dream to play her on Broadway since The Phantom of the Opera is one of my favourite plays.

Q: Did you take part in The Phantom of the Opera when it was performed in Sri Lanka?

A: Yes, I was one of four actors who played Christine in 2014.

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