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- – Compiled by Ashwini Vethakan

Q: As a chef, how does your day unfold?

A: The first thing I do on entering the kitchen is check if everything has been properly cleaned and sanitised for the day’s events. After that, I move on to prep for the mise en place and begin selecting our menus for the day before we start creating dishes.

Q: Who inspired you to venture into the hospitalit­y trade?

A: I’ve liked the hospitalit­y trade for a long time and have always loved cooking. So when the opportunit­y arose, I was eager to master those culinary skills and work in this profession.

Q: What was your first dish?

A: It was so many years ago that I can’t really remember… but I believe it was a lamb dish.

Q: And what do you consider your greatest achievemen­t as a chef?

A: The day I was named chef de cuisine. I don’t think any of my other achievemen­ts match being bestowed this title.

Q: Any emerging trends in food and drink…?

A: I think molecular cookery is an up-andcoming trend that people are gradually trying to learn.

Q: Would you have any advice for the home cooks amongst us?

A: Make sure your space is clean, try to use natural produce instead of preservati­ves and ensure whatever you prepare is edible.

Q: What are your three favourite ingredient­s?

A: Cinnamon, tea and turmeric.

Q: Name three utensils or items of equipment that you can’t do without...

A: Whisk, knife and burner.

Q: Any quick tips in the kitchen…? A: Nothing good comes quickly – so take your time and create something delicious.

Q: What plans do you have for the future?

A: I hope to set up my own little restaurant someday.

Q: Your advice to aspiring chefs would be…

A: Discipline yourself, make sure that you are always clean and follow the recipe strictly.

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