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Ke­mara Academy of­fers in­ter­na­tional aro­mather­apy cour­ses to Sri Lankans

The first in­ter­na­tional col­lege of aro­mather­apy in Sri Lanka

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The Ke­mara Academy, in part­ner­ship with the world renowned Penny Price Aro­mather­apy Academy based in UK will be the first in­ter­na­tional col­lege of Aro­mather­apy in Sri Lanka bring­ing high qual­ity to the pro­fes­sion. The UK based Penny Price Aro­mather­apy Academy is known across the world for qual­ity aro­mather­apy train­ing and cour­ses in com­ple­men­tary ther­apy.

The Penny Price Aro­mather­apy UK is ac­cred­ited to sev­eral glob­ally recog­nised in­sti­tu­tions such as:

The In­ter­na­tional Fed­er­a­tion for Pro­fes­sional Aro­mather­a­pists (IFPA)

Fed­er­a­tion of Holis­tic Ther­a­pists (FHT)

The In­sti­tute of Aro­matic Medicine (IAM)

The In­ter­na­tional Fed­er­a­tion of Aro­mather­a­pists ( IFA) (Ja­pan)

The Guild of In­fant and Child Mas­sage (GICM)

The In­ter­na­tional Ther­a­pies Ex­am­i­na­tion Coun­cil (ITEC)

As­so­ci­a­tion of Beauty Ther­a­pists

The ac­cred­i­ta­tions guar­an­tee that the Ke­mara Academy cour­ses con­form to high stan­dards and guar­an­tee suc­cess for par­tic­i­pants.

The Ke­mara Academy of Aro­mather­apy was founded by Kis­hani Gu­nawar­dena. Kis­hani has been a pro­fes­sional aroma ther­a­pist since 1994 be­ing qual­i­fied from the Shirley Price Colle ge of Aro­mather­apy in UK. In ad­di­tion Kis­hani is highly qual­i­fied in Re­flex­ol­ogy, Dr. Vod­der Man­ual Lymph Drainage and in mak­ing or­ganic cos­met­ics. Her ed­u­ca­tion has been in some of the most rec­og­nized col­leges in the UK.

The Ke­mara Academy in part­ner­ship with Penny Price con­ducts Clin­i­cal Aro­mather­apy Di­ploma Course Mo­d­ule 1- 5, Re­flex­ol­ogy Course, In­dian head Mas­sage, Hot Stone Mas­sage, Aro­mather­apy for Ba­bies and Chil­dren (A pre­ven­tive health care for your fam­ily), Spa Train­ing

Here are the top five rea­sons for you to team up with us!

We sell all the qual­ity es­sen­tial oils and aro­mather­apy prod­ucts you need for suc­cess­ful treat­ments.

We use the best pro­fes­sional tu­tors for our ac­cred­ited aro­mather­apy cour­ses.

You will be con­fi­dent in what you know - so that you can prac­tice with con­fi­dence.

You can share our pas­sion for aro­mather­apy - so that you can in­spire oth­ers.

We guar­an­tee you com­plete sat­is­fac­tion with our aro­mather­apy prod­ucts and aro­mather­apy cour­ses or we will re­place and re­train.

As with many com­ple­men­tary ther­a­pies, Kis­hani says that aro­mather­apy is a sadly mis­un­der­stood sub­ject and, con­se­quently, is mis­used. For many it is sim­ply a mas­sage with some sweet-smelling oil. How­ever, aro­mather­apy has a rich well-doc­u­mented his­tory with its ori­gin dat­ing back to 1800 B.C.

Aro­mather­apy is the con­trolled use of es­sen­tial oils by dif­fer­ent meth­ods to en­hance the well-be­ing of the mind, body and spirit. It uses pure essences from plants, which may have a pre­ven­tive ef­fect, help­ing to sooth dif­fi­cul­ties in com­mon ail­ments while work­ing along­side med­i­cal treat­ment in the heal­ing process. Es­sen­tial oils are highly fra­grant, volatile and are ex­tracted from flow­ers, leaves, twigs, bark, roots and fruits of many com­mon plants. The es­sen­tial oils have many dif­fer­ent prop­er­ties and as re­search has shown, can be stim­u­lat­ing, an­ti­in­fec­tious, anti-in­flam­ma­tory, re­lax­ing, calm­ing, sooth­ing and up­lift­ing. Aro­mather­apy, there­fore, has the abil­ity to af­fect the emo­tions and pro­mote bod­ily well-be­ing and psy­cho­log­i­cal bal­ance.

Hav­ing a firmly es­tab­lished Ke­mara Spa, of­fer­ing a range of al­ter­na­tive ther­a­pies to ladies and chil­dren and the Ke­mara Bou­tique which man­u­fac­tures and sells over 180 or­ganic and nat­u­ral prod­ucts, Kis­hani be­lieves that the time is now right to ex­pand the Ke­mara Academy.

There is a big void in pro­fes­sional train­ing in the field of well­ness and spas in Sri Lanka that few es­tab­lish­ments have suf­fi­ciently trained staff. One of the rea­sons why Kis­hani felt that there was a need for a pro­fes- sional academy was to ed­u­cate per­sons on the true value of Aro­mather­apy and other com­ple­men­tary ther­a­pies.

She also felt that with the re­cent boost in the tourist in­dus­try and with ex­pan­sion projects in ev­ery ho­tel, spa fa­cil­i­ties are be­com­ing a sig­nif­i­cant at­trac­tion for vis­i­tors to Sri Lanka. If Sri Lanka is to po­si­tion it­self top the spa in­dus­try, it is of para­mount im­por­tance that spa ser­vices are kept pro­fes­sional and ther­a­pists are well trained.

It is sad to see many spa op­er­a­tors brin­ing ther­a­pists from abroad when we have so many un­em­ployed peo­ple in our coun­try who could be given ap­pro­pri­ate train­ing in this field. One rea­son that young peo­ple do not opt to be­come ther­a­pists is due to the stigma at­tached to this field. How­ever, now that com­ple­men­tary ther­a­pies and the well­ness in­dus­try is boom­ing, the sky is the limit for well-qual­i­fied per­son­nel.

Study­ing at the Ke­mara Academy with its af­fil­i­a­tion to Penny Price Aro­mather­apy in UK will pro­vide our stu­dents with the knowl­edge and skills to offer a range of com­ple­men-

Shirly and Penny tary ther­a­pies to in­di­vid­ual clients en­sur­ing safe, ben­e­fi­cial and pro­fes­sional treat­ments.

The Ke­mara Academy has suc­cess­fully trained Sri Lankans and ex­pa­tri­ates in aro­mather­apy and com­ple­men­tary ther­a­pies. They have been over­whelm­ingly com­menda­tory of the train­ing pro­grammes. These are the won­der­ful thoughts they left with us bring­ing in great en­cour­age­ment for us at the Ke­mara Academy.

Mo­d­ule 1 And Mo­d­ule 2 Aro­mather­apy cour­ses

Thank you for your aro­mather­apy Mo­d­ule 1 and Mo­d­ule 2 cour­ses. I fol­lowed the Mo­d­ule 3, 4 and 5 dis­tance learn­ing cour­ses with Penny Price Aro­mather­apy UK they were very friendly and sup­port­ive. I have learnt so much that I have now com­pletely changed my ca­reer from a lawyer to a holis­tic ther­a­pist. Great work, keep it up. Mary from Switzer­land

Com­ing to Sri Lanka was a huge step for me, and I was feel­ing de­pressed and low un­til I found the Ke­mara Academy. I must say that I en­joyed the aro­mather­apy cour­ses so much and it made my stay in Sri Lanka so much more mean­ing­ful I have rec­om­mended it to so many of my friends and I heard that some of them have fol­lowed it too, Thank you so much Kis­hani. Keiko From Ja­pan

Aro­mather­apy - pre­ven­tive health care for fam­ily and kids

My favourite as­pect of the course was learn­ing to make my own range of, creams, lo­tions and shower gels with so many fantastic ready-made bases that Ke­mara has to offer. Thank you Kis­hani for your prac­ti­cal tips on us­ing es­sen­tial oils for many sim­ple com­mon ail­ments. My kids love it. Kate In­dian Head Mas­sage The two- day In­dian Head mas­sage course was great and very in­for­ma­tive we were able to re­ceive and give a mas­sage and had so much fun. All worked to­gether in a friendly at­mos­phere. Now we offer these treat­ments at our sa­lon and the re­sponse that we get from our clients is fantastic. We are now send­ing more ther­a­pists to learn the proper tech­niques from the Ke­mara Academy. Well known sa­lon in Colombo.

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