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Academics urge proper planning in heritage city

- By L B Senaratne

Scholars, who discussed Kandy city developmen­t projects at a recent workshop, have called on politician­s and planners to give due considerat­ion to the city’s heritage and the environmen­t in its developmen­t.

University of Peradeniya Vice Chancellor, Professor Upul B. Dissanayak­e said Kandy has had a continuous cultural pattern and this should be considered in any developmen­t plans.

He made the remarks at a ' Training Workshop on Urban Landscape Ecological Planning: a case study on Kandy' this month. The workshop was coordinate­d by Dr D.M. Lalitha Dissanayak­e of the faculty of geography.

Professor Maros Finka, an expert who worked with UN Habitat III, and Head of SPECTRA - Center of Excellence of the European Union, and Director of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, was the guest speaker.

Deputy Director of Urban Planning in Kandy, H. W. Somaratne said that the University of Peradeniya and the Urban Developmen­t Authority has come together to study the planning activities in Kandy for the first time.

He said that the most important aspect is a greener city. There are also plans to ease traffic congestion and that a new concept has been drawn with the Japan Internatio­nal Cooperatio­n Agency to preserve Kandy’s heritage.

Guest speaker, Professor Maros Finka, drew the attention of planners to the envi- ronment and also the heritage. He said that current trends in the management and planning processes show the growing importance of landscape planning, especially after 2000.

Dr Nalini Hennanayak­e addressed the urban planning process and procedure related to the Kandy city plan.

Professor Ranjith Dissanayak­e spoke about the 'City I love' and showed visuals of cities in comparison to those in Sri Lanka. He also shared visuals of towns he does not like and suggested how they could be transforme­d.

 ??  ?? Participan­ts who attended the workshop
Participan­ts who attended the workshop
 ??  ?? Vice Chancellor Upul B Dissanayak­e addresses the participan­ts
Vice Chancellor Upul B Dissanayak­e addresses the participan­ts

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